14 Feb 2013

Valentine Designs

Our Valentine's Day Designs

This year Little Shed Designs designed eight Valentine cards, some taken from our other ranges and some new ones.  The one's that have proved most popular were My Beefcake, Romantic, swine and Twit, Twoo i love you.

Valentine's Day

Tinkerbell and The Shed Gnomes waiting for love
Well it's that time of year again, yes Valentines Day and as you can see everyone is eagerly waiting for the postman to drop a little envelope through the door.  Do you remember the days when you were at school and you actually received a card through a mate of a mate and you weren't really sure who it was from and oh the endless speculation, it kept a class of fourteen year old's  fueled  for weeks . These days it's a quick kiss here's your card, and three bags of licorice and i'll see you later!!!! Mmmm the romance never dies. Anyway fingers crossed guys!!!