20 Apr 2011

Duncan Macgregor Marine artist

Last month my friend asked me to go with her to look at and possibly buy a print by Dungan Macgregor http://www.demontfortfineart.net/events/PDF/DMAC%20In%20Attendance%20Invite_Gallery3.pdf
She had an invitation for the evening so jumping at the chance i went with her.

His work is very bold and energetic and paints mainly about his relationship with the sea.  Acrylic paint is applied thickly, mostly with a palette knife and this makes his paintings very spontaneous.

After viewing all of the paintings some originals and some  limited edition prints and after two glasses of bubbly!! my friends mind was made up and she went for the beach huts, added to her excitement the man himself  even signed the back of the print. 

 This purchase called for  a small celebration so afterwards we raised a glass to my friend (and her painting) for appreciating art and the starving artist!!! (well something like that anyway)

It now hangs proudly in her kitchen and she say's it makes her happy every time  she looks at it, and thats what buying a piece of artwork is all about. 

3 Apr 2011

Happy Mother's day

Happy Mother's day or as our Vicar likes to point out Mothering Sunday.  This year i was lucky enough not to receive the present that i donated for the school Mother's day stand as i did last year Hoorah!!!! I also received flowers(Tesco's finest) and three lovely cards from my own budding artists, one of which was fromTinkerbell the cat (he's very nifty with a few crayons and a felt tip!!!)

Hope you all had a nice day as i  certainly did .

2 Apr 2011

Last week i went to Derby Museum and art Gallery to look at a photography exhibition by Bruce Gilden famous "street photographer", called "Head on"www.bjp-online.com/.../exclusive-video-bruce-gilden-goes-head-derby .  The reason being my friend's dad had been photographed by him at Derby cattle market ( him being a farmer and all that).  All of the photographs were taken in black and white of characters in and around Derby, and my friends dad was the face of the marketing campaign!!!!! i must say though, he was the only one with a glint in his eye! street photography can be quite harsh, when you come face to face with people who you would only normally glance at in a crowded street.  Anyway we had a nice morning its good to get out of your shed now and again and see what other people are up to.

Although not as hard hitting this is a quick sketch of an urban/street pixie, coming across a mushroom that reminds him of home aaahhhhh bless.