17 Sept 2015

New Greeting Card Designs

We would just like to share five more designs from the Little Shed. Of course our goat ,sheep,lamb and horses will be joining the gang down on our "Ooh Aar Farm" Range and the  sunny  beehives and lady rambler will join the "Jolly Handy Range" both  for Birthdays.

This Old goat will be joining the "Ooh Aar Farm"Range

And he is so great we zoomed in on him!!!!
Summer Beehives 
close up of our buzzy bee!!

This new born lamb is the first to be born on "Ooh Aar Farm"

Just cute
Maybe our new lamb will be eating cake one day!
Just what you need after a days rambling 

Ney up! two new friends down on "Ooh Aar Farm"

We are watching you

12 Apr 2015


Iv'e got my eye on you!!! taken from "around The Shed"
Happy Easter everyone.  I hope that the Easter bunny has been kind and brought you lots of chocolate, i myself have been trying to limit my intake with little success and i still have two packets of those little ones to go!!!.

For this Easter we added a new design to our range and it has proved to be very popular.
Ewe and Lamb
The fields are now full of baby lambs and they certainly seem to have been enjoying the great Easter weather we have had.
Our Easter rabbit design has everything an Easter card should, daffodils, rabbits and a church in the background, because it's not all about the  chocolate!!

25 Mar 2015

Setting up the Little Shed Designs Etsy shop

Well, after having spent a lot of time deliberating about selling online ..........

I have finally taken  the bull by the horns, thrown caution to the wind, rolled up my sleeves and signed up to Etsy,  Which is pretty obvious by that oversized badge that has gate crashed the Little Shed blog !!!

Image result for ETSY BADGES
 I was wanting a much smaller one that fitted the "look" of the blog , but obviously Etsy had other ideas
Initially I thought.... well here we go then, fasten you seat belts, liking it to that feeling you get when phoning your broadband supplier or The inland revenue and only armed with a flask of tea and a slab of Kendal mint cake, I set off putting my life on hold and bracing myself  for hours and hours of frustrating technical issues in the Etsy combat zone.
Image result for frustrating computer problems
That's not me by the way!!

But, shockingly and surprisingly !!!!!!
Image result for shocked people cartoon

It all went very smoothly and I began to enjoy my new found freedom of adding images and listings to my "all new" ecommerce shop. I was uploading images at the click of a button without pixel issues, quickly and efficiently and when I did "mess" up amendment wasn't a problem.

Image result for walk in the summer park
It was a walk in the park
The one area I  wasn't  really sure about was connecting my shop to my social media platforms eg Twitter, Blog spot and not wanting to download the whole contents of the shop to my Facebook page, I sought the help of the Social Media queen herself, lover of everything about Staffordshire and generally nice person, Emily from Simply Staffordshire.  With a cup of tea in one hand and a Ginger nut in the other Emily knowingly, navigated the good ship "Little Shed", through the stormy waters of this task.  So a big thank you, Emily for your patience, expertise and help..... as I am now fully "linked up". 

So it only remains for me to say " hats off" to Etsy and their nominal listing fees , % of selling fees, constant updates and great support forums for making this journey as smooth as possible.  Although.....in the the back of my mind I still have this niggling feeling that some horrendous technical hitch is going to leg me up and I have a gremlin in the back of my head saying "it can't be that easy"!!! 

Image result for gremlin      If you would like to take a look at our Etsy shop please click the oversized button that says ETSY or if you can,t see it!!! click this link Little Shed Designs Etsy Shop