30 May 2012

Confession and new brochure

I must shamefully confess that I have not blogged since Wills and Kate tied the royal knot!!! and now we are nearly upon the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

 On the upside though I have been busy busy with Little Shed Designs trying to make my mark in the wonderful world of greeting cards.  In this year since my previous blog! I have continued to illustrate more card ideas which seem to include a lot farm animals, sheds and flowers.  I now have my cards printed professionally which is a great relief, so all I have to do now is pop them in a cello bag and send them out. 

The greatest breakthrough that has helped me with selling is that I have designed a brochure to collate all of my designs together, as carrying around 40 different cards was becoming problematic, especially when you  make a prospective card suppliers counter look like a card crash!!!!