22 Nov 2012

East Midlands Dog Rescue Charity

We also did a design for the East Midlands Dog rescue which they have been selling as part of their fund raising, by all accounts they have been going really well. 

What Little Sheds has been doing

Over the past few months i have been designing my Christmas cards as the festive season will soon be upon us. Animals have dominated my designs and i now have ten designs all printed up and just waiting to be sent.

Hitting the media

Article in Progressive greetings

Me and my rural friend

In September Little Shed Designs featured with five other companies featured  in "progressive greetings" the trade magazine for the greeting card industry.  We all had to write a short piece on being rural and its connection with greeting cards. 

II got a friend to help with the photo shots, not too sure he knew what he was doing!!!!I had to get in my friend to help me with the photo shots, wasn't sure he knew what he was doing!!!

Back to blogging

Get well card designed by Little Shed Designs while  in the ZONE!!
Well as you can see there has been yet again a little break in my blogging, not my own fault honestly!!!! circumstances out of my control and a stay with the wonderful NHS. Anyway now being back in the driving seat again i shall pick up where i left off, just fast forward a little.