21 Mar 2011

The Little Folk

Norman doing a spot of gardening who says "Gnomes arn't cute", he can have a cup of tea in my shed any day 

This Happy Chappy is Norman the Gnome always happy and smiling, brightening up everybody's day, and what a good job he's done with the rhubarb, crumble anybody?????

foxglove fairy with spotty boots 147mmx147mm greetings card

Having worked in a German leisure parkhttp://www.europapark.de/ for six years, working as a set dresser/designer maker in the  various themed rides, i came into contact with the little folk on a daily basis. I would be the one to mend their broken wings, renew their wet dresses and generally keep them in tip top order after the rampaging of the general public floating through a fairyland canal ride

These little English fairies were almost certainly inspired by their German cousins although i think they are far prettier!!!!!
Birthday Fairy 147x147mm greetings card

Fairy cakes 147x147 greetings card

Got together a mood corner of colours, shapes and Little folky things 

This is a great book if you want to know anything about Gnomes and the little folk, iv'e had it for years which is a bit worrying!!!!!!

Pixie with a jelly on his way to a party, wonder if it will fall off his plate before he arrives? 

               Leap frogging over a poisinous toadstool, hope he washes his hands afterwards!!!!

Our gate leading to the orchard inspired the pixie fence. 

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